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Meet the professional team behind the AOPMC

The AOPMC is the collective group of Professional Mole catchers in the UK. Founded by Kim and Tracy Smith, The AOPMC has built up a community of professional mole catchers who like themselves are expert mole catchers and take pride in their profession. All our members are professionals in the field of mole catching and we only allow the best mole catchers to display our logo. 


Seeing the rise of "DIY" pest controllers and poisonous chemicals being deployed the AOPMC was established. This is a place where you can find people who know what they are doing and who love wildlife. We don’t use any method that could deliberately harm another animal and we never use poisons or gas methods that can kill other species. The AOPMC is a community of mole catchers who are the best in your area. 

We have built up a network of professional mole catchers to join our group so we can bring you a certified AOPMC members.

Who are the AOPMC

The AOPMC is a directory of Professional Mole Catchers across the UK including Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and some of the Islands surrounding the UK. 


We provide you a place to find a mole catcher in your area, and you can feel confident that you will be getting a Professional that you can both depend on and that is an expert in mole trapping! We are Mole Catchers(trappers) not for any other method for controlling moles i.e., gassing etc.

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